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Our Top 10 Favourite Small Lingerie Brands

Here at Miss Vivienne, we are handmade-to-order in the Scottish Borders. We believe in empowering women through beautiful, comfortable and top quality lingerie that lasts. Our items are ethically and sustainably made. From fine lace to smooth satin, there are plenty of pieces for you to fall in love with. Seen as we are such lingerie lovers ourselves we would like to showcase 10 of our favourite small, sustainable lingerie brands. We hope you love them as much as we do!

1. Nearer The Moon

Ethically handmade in the UK, Nearer The Moon is the, "British Lingerie brand making the everyday, erotic". If you love to run free but also want to experiment, Nearer The Moon have pieces that empower you to express yourself.

Shop Nearer The Moon:

2. Posie

Founded in 2019, Posie Was created to fuse passions of lingerie and sustainability together. Posie is for women who want to stand out from the crowd, have strong determination and care for the planet. The lingerie embraces nature within the design and it's organic quality. Posie focuses on making beautiful garments, using sustainable fabrics where possible, figuring out innovative design concepts and making them as comfortable as possible without jeopardising their signature delicate aesthetic.

3. Molke

Starting in 2016 with one woman, a need for comfortable bras and a sewing machine in her kitchen. Since then, Molke has grown to give support and comfort to people all over the world, offering a range of underwear, clothing items and accessories. All their original bras are made in a small factory in Perthshire< Scotland where they strive to reduce waste wherever possible. Molke's colourful fabrics are completely unique with a team included in the design and development process.

Shop Molke:

4. Karolina Laskowska

Specialising in crafting small batch, limited edition collections from rare and unusual materials, Karolina Laskowska is known for her craftsmanship, gothic details and ornate opulence. All pieces are handmade by Karolina in her Oslo studio.

Shop Karolina Laskowsa:

5. Fox Trot Molly

Molly makes colourful, vintage inspired, made to order lingerie for bold people. Informed by her 10 years working in costume performance, her pieces focus on slow fashion, quality and celebrating individuality.

Shop Fox Trot Molly:

6. Miss Crofton

Miss Crofton brings together all things girly with a womanly sophistication. Their attention to detail and fine quality has won admirers including fashion influencers, modern makers and artists. Miss Crofton buy end of roll rather than producing new producing new materials with environmental goals to reduce overconsumption. In their studio, the in-house team cut, sew and finish all garments for the highest quality lingerie.

Shop Miss Crofton:

7. Dora Larsen

Established in 2016, Dora Larsen combines aspirational and innovative colour combinations with contemporary lingerie shapes. Their pieces offer something special that women can wear everyday that made them feel empowered to dress for themselves.

Sustainable and ethical values are at the core of the brand. They create two collections a year, spanning across lingerie and more recently, sleepwear. Each collection is design in London, produced in limited qualities and the team work closely with each supplier to ensure the highest standards of quality and ethics.

Shop Dora Larsen:

8. Kayleigh Peddie

Founded in 2014, the collections are small batch, made-to-order and always made in Montreal by Kayleigh Peddie herself.

Shop Kayleigh Peddie:

9. Hopeless Lingerie

All Hopeless pieces are made in-house, one by one and made-to-order to avoid material waste and overproduction. The collections foreground thoughtful designs, directional cuts, adjustable straps and stretch fabrics to ensure each piece is as comfortable as possible. For many styles, they offer customised sizing to accommodate all bodies and genders.

Shop Hopeless Lingerie:

10. Veronica Velveteen

Launched in 2018, with a bag of donated vintage fabrics and £50 worth of trimmings from a local haberdashery. Fern's passion is to create an affordable and accessible alternative to fast fashion. Since 2019 she has expanded her size ranging to over 40 cup sizes and offering custom sizing.

Shop Veronica Velveteen:

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