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10 ways to show yourself some love this Valentines.

This year, we're all about loving and empowering ourselves. If you're a single pringle, in a committed relationship or anywhere in between, 2023 is about loving ourselves before giving that energy to anyone else.

#1 Focus on You

Don't waste your energy on things you don't enjoy, practice saying 'no', set boundaries and put yourself first this year. Setting these limits in both your personal and business life can reduce stress, anxiety and prevent burnout.

#2 Re-connect with an old friend

Re-establishing old connections can make you feel younger, boost your confidence, lower stress levels and increase a sense of purpose in life.

#3 Do something you genuinely love

Taking the time to engage with activities you enjoy boosts your mood and energy. Schedule in some me-time this Valentine's whether its reading a book, taking yourself for a walk or listening to a podcast.

#4 Treat yourself to some new lingerie

Nothing can make you feel more empowered than treating yourself to some new lingerie and snapping a few mirror selfies!

"I always say how funny it is how such a small garment can hold such power, there really is no feeling quite like trying on your new undies, taking some mirror pics and dancing around your room to some old school R&B. I feel so lucky that I get to do that for other people. Remember to treat yourself guys, you're worth it!" - Vivienne - Owner

#5 DIY spa day

Expand on your me-time with some DIY spa fun. Run yourself a bath, diffuse some lavender oils and plop on a face mask. This 2023 Valentines, we are focusing on stress relieving and relaxing, maybe even invite some friends.

#6 Order or cook a treat

Treat yourself this Valentines with your favourite take away meal or cook up something delish. Spending some time cooking up something healthy can be super therapeutic and even more rewarding when it tastes good too.

#7 Watch a Valentines movie

The cringier the better. We recommend 'He's just not that into you', 'How to lose a guy in 10 days' or '27 dresses'.

"This Valentines I'll be in my new home, starting the day with a massage and ending the day with a cosy dinner and my fave selection of foods." - Molly - Seamstress

#8 Buy yourself a gorg bouquet

Spruce up your room with some life and colour. Whether its a £3 bunch from Aldi or a £30 bouquet from the local florist, don't wait around for someone else to buy you those Valentines flowers.

#9 Take yourself out for a coffee

Bring a good book and find that cozy corner in your local cafe for the morning.

" Wearing nice lingerie under my regular clothes makes me feel extra empowered going about my everyday life, especially on Valentines." - Nicola - Pattern Cutter

#10 Start the spring cleaning early

Get a head start on the spring cleaning and refresh your space. Look at Viviennes stunning bedroom with her free standing bath!!

Whatever your plans are this Valentines Day, have fun and love YOU first!

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