~No plastics are used within our standard or luxury bridal packaging.

~ Our packaging is 100% recyclable paper and cardboard.

~ We use recycled boxes and recycled brown parcel paper within our packaging.


~ Everything at Miss Vivienne lingerie is handmade to order. We therefore do not end up with a surplus of stock that would ultimately go to waste.

~ On the rare occasion that we do have a few items left in stock, we discount them greatly so as they go to a good home, or we donate them to charity.

~ We order fabrics & components in small quantities so we are not left with a surplus of fabric that'd ultimately go to waste.

~ If we do have small amounts of a certain fabric left over, we design a Limited Edition range with it so as to use it all up.


~~ We source almost all of our beautiful lace and components from local businesses to save on carbon emissions and to support the local workforce.

~ Our labels are woven in the UK

~ A lot of our fabric and haberdashery comes from the local fabric shop here in the Scottish Borders.

Scotland, UK